What is Common Blow Molding Problems and Solutions

Do you want to make the right decision for your bottling plants needs and assess the main problems before investing a significant amount in machinery?

You’re not alone; as a plant manager, owner or head of the production, making the right decisions for the business comes down to you!

Reputation, responsibility and ultimately production levels alongside revenue generated are all considerations that must be taken on board when conducting your own needs analysis for the production line.

It could be that you have ageing equipment that has become unreliable, you’ve outgrown the current capacities, or you have decided to expand operations into a new line or two.

Problems, defects and common errors can be an inconvenience at the very least; despite modern advances, there will always be an element of this to contend with.

Knowing how to quickly establish what has caused the problem to be addressed swiftly is critical; your buyers won’t accept sub-standard products.

Overlooking this simple quality checking can result in unhappy customers and reject or return orders.

Some will pertain to aesthetics, whereas others can see a failure in the materials or design of the item which has been blown molded.

Whilst much of the processing these days are automated or semi-automated so that human error is minimised, there can still be occurrences that cause problems for you and the team.

Blow molding as a whole is not exempt from its fair share of challenges, which we’ll explore through this article.

Some common problems will be specifically related to a production method or material, so they may not be entirely relevant to your setup or needs.

Rather than leaving you hanging or searching elsewhere, we’ll also provide the solutions, so you know how to deal with them should they arise or avoid them in the first place.

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