Twin Sheet Thermoforming | Twin Sheet Forming | Twin Sheet Vacuum Forming

Twin sheet thermoforming has advantages over other methods of thermoforming and other plastics manufacturing processes depending on the part and its use.

Has a lower tooling cost – about 20-30% less than blow molding
Yields parts with high structural integrity and rigidity compared to single walled thermoforming
Allows for an enclosed cavity
Can include various internal reinforcements, including structural elements and rigid foam components
Can have molded-in attachments and other features

Typical Application:

To Produce Hollow Molding Parts, Structural Products.

Working of Twin Sheet Thermoforming Process:

Twin sheet forming is a process of vacuum and compression forming two sheets of plastic simultaneously with a separate mold on the top platen and a separate mold on the bottom platen. Once the plastic sheets have been vacuum formed, they remain in their respective molds. While both sheets still remain at their forming temperature, the two molds are brought together under high platen pressures and the two sheets are bonded together wherever the mold-designed knit areas dictate. This will result in one single product with hollow areas and no secondary bonding required.The twin sheet process creates 3-dimensional parts with formed features on both sides.

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