Specialty Purging Compounds Optimize Color and Material Changeovers

For many press operators of injection molding, packaging, extrusion, blown film, and extrusion blow molding machines, the traditional cleaning methods used between color and material changeovers lead to a predictable and frustrating cycle:

Residue remains after cleaning
Even the smallest remnants create buildup over time
Production problems occur
Parts can come out streaked, spotted, and discolored, which results in unusable pieces, higher scrap rate, more downtime, lower-quality finished products, and machine damage that’s compounded by daily use.

How can specialty purging compounds help?
All purging compounds are not created equal. Specialty purging compounds, like those available from Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge™ brand, are the result of years of shop-floor research coupled with advanced scientific development. They cover a wide array of polymers, operating temperatures, and equipment types to provide a remedy for common production issues and can add to the life of a press. Within the line, formulations can also be tailored to meet the needs of application processes such as extrusion as opposed to injection or blow molding, which present different challenges.

Purging compounds offer advantages that can produce long-term gains and value for producers. A significant plus of purging compounds is their high efficiency, which allows for the use of less product without requiring changes to existing machinery and equipment.

Following a tailored procedure in a specified order for your process can create predictable and seamless results, including greatly reduced scrap, an increase in mold-cleaning speed, fewer and shorter stoppages, and ultimately less daily wear on expensive equipment.

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