This project is a very complex Pressure Form mold and Steel Pressure box with a REN plug assist. The mold and Plug are all CNC machined. The mold has several moving features made from aluminum and brass. They are mounted to air cylinders to allow them to move in the wall or up and back on draft. This will allow the part to come out of the mold and not get scratched. The air cylinders are piped into a manifold

Molds in Action

Aircraft Mold

Plug Assist

Aircraft Seat

Aircraft Seat

Aircraft Seat

Vac Form Mold

Complete Mold with Water Plate

CNC Aluminum Pressure Mold Side 1

CNC Aluminum Pressure Mold Side 2

CNC Aluminum Pressure Form Mold for Aircraft Parts Highlights

  • 150° Operating Temperature on Mold

Aluminum Mold

  • With Brass Inserts On Air Cylinders

Steel Pressure Box

  • Grey
  • Mold-Tech 1055-6 acid etched
  • Aluminum Billit M1 Plate
  • Aircylinders water fittings

CNC aluminum mold

  • Gun drilled for water temperature control

Air Cylinders

  • For loose pieces and core pulls

40,000 Seats wer made for the MLB ALL-STAR game in 2015

  • 3D CAD was provided and then a tool was designed to make the parts
  • Aircraft Seating KYDEX Material
  • Plastic parts for Aircraft seating

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