How Top Injection Molding Companies Drive More Opportunity With Digital Marketing

In recent decades, American companies offshored a huge portion of their injection molding, but today, many companies are weighing the benefits of reshoring versus offshoring, and there has been an upward trend of reshoring and demand for services in the plastics and molding services industry. Mergers and acquisitions in the industry are also contributing to growth.

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“Our goal in acquiring other companies is to increase our support and capabilities for our customers across the country, so, in return, they will bring their manufacturing business back to the United States,” Plastic Molding Manufacturer (PMM) CEO George Danis told Plastics Today. PMM had deals of acquiring a plastic company with facilities across New England in 2020.

The industry’s growth has an upward trajectory. Last month, RFI submissions on for plastics molding services were up 80% year-over-year. As U.S. companies find that they can manufacture injection molded products more profitably right here at home, how can these companies market their services to take advantage of the opportunities?

How Is Injection Molding Used In Industries?
Injection molding produces many products standard in everyday households and industries. Injection-molded parts can be found in military, defense, and aerospace applications just to name a few. In 2018, medical equipment sourcing spiked as the healthcare industry boomed, driven by an aging population’s demographic wave requiring medical care. Then the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for medical devices and manufacturers turned to plastic injection molding to meet the demand for durable, lightweight, and malleable material.

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